Released on October 16, 2012, Hotel Pool is The Ross Sea Party’s debut full-length studio album. The highly anticipated studio set features 12 new and original songs including “The Rope,” “Two Things” and “Thunder.” The new album, produced by Jeff Halbert, marks The Ross Sea Party’s second release following 2010’s 5-song Plains of Id E.P. Hotel Pool sees the Los Angeles quintet digging deeper into their unique sound of rumbling rhythms, textured guitars, and pop-chorus vocals. It’s more “to-the-point” than the band’s prior release, yet still maintains the melodic and thoughtful pacing for which they’ve become known. Recorded primarily at an unkempt warehouse in Sacramento, CA, the band diligently adhered to using all-analog instrumentation. Production-wise, it remained a top priority to create an album that could transition seamlessly into a live performance.

“. . . intricately organic orchestrations . . . in songs such as “Broken Arrows,” Erickson’s vocal range is not only display, but is nicely colored by surrounding tight-knit harmonies.” — Kevin Bronson | Buzz Bands LA [MORE]

“Discover the Undiscovered: The Ross Sea Party . . .” — Filter Magazine [MORE]

“A charming five piece whose melody-driven sound is combined with just enough raspiness and character that will make you keep coming back for more.”

“The Ross Sea Party might be the most polished act to set foot on the TownHouse stage this year . . . ” – Sacramento News & Review [MORE]

“layering a twinkling [glockenspiel] melody over a wall of low toms and reverbed guitar.” — SF Station: Pulse Hot Track, “Broken Arrows” [MORE]

“Great new 5 piece band from Los Angeles” — Indie Rock Reviews: 18 Questions w/ The Ross Sea Party [FULL INTERVIEW]

“The Ross Sea Party . . . dazzling crowds in the City of Angels with their infectious brand of indie-rock.” — Best New Bands: Q&A with Brady Erickson