Indonesia Short Film


Brady went and made a gorgeous film chronicling his journey through the islands of Indonesia. Stunning.

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Two Returns, One Exit

The Ross Sea Party briefly crossed paths in LA for a few ales. Brady & Will just came back from Indonesia and Japan, respectively, while Mark is gearing up for a not-so-far East journey to the “A” and New York Town.


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Amoeba Believer: RSP Go & Make A Tape

We’re still unraveling the cassette movement, but hey, the cool kids asked and they shall receive.

The big news hit the “Amoeblog” today. And you can also check out us “rollicking L.A. indie poppers playing live at The Echo Country Outpost while you’re there.


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Ain’t No Party Like a Ross Sea Party

Flagship Agency invited us to perform at their launch event. Mark left the infirmary with a fever to make the show in the nick of time, and we all met some great folks – and took home some cool schwag to boot.

Watch a montage of the whole soiree, tracked to our meadow-sprinting number, Emmy Jeanne.

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