The Ross Sea Party is a typically unusual Los Angeles family. Five friends who wanted to transcend the disconnected and nonsensical nature of life in the city to create something consequential, the band embarked with hollow-body guitars, well-tuned drums, and a glockenspiel.

Like its namesake (a little known yet heroic wing of Ernest Shackleton’s famed 1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition), The Ross Sea Party can be characterized by their easy navigation across an ever-changing atmosphere, as expeditionaries of boundless inspiration. From the idiosyncratic guitar work of Neil Young and the irreverent pop of The Talking Heads, to indie contemporaries Delta Spirit, Arcade Fire and The Dodos, The Ross Sea Party pay homage to their influences, while simultaneously creating an unmistakable sound of their own. Spacious instrumentations atop energetic, pervasive rhythms provide the foundation for singer Brady Erickson’s unique voice and the band’s emanating harmonies, as the songs remain simple, catchy and melodic at their core.


Erickson formed The Ross Sea Party in 2009, with fellow LA-scene veterans Michael Nussbaum (drums) and multi-instrumentalist Will VanderWyden. Atlanta transplant and songwriter Mark Tillman joined on guitar soon after, with native Angeleno Jacquelyn Thropay (keys/glockenspiel) solidifying the lineup to move fervently into 2011.

Following the 2010 release of Plains of Id, The Ross Sea Party’s debut EP, the band has steadily become a primary name in LA’s indie music scene and beyond. After several SXSW showcases, three west coast tours, and immensely successful residencies at Silverlake Lounge and Central S.A.P.C. in Los Angeles, the band spent Autumn of 2012 recording their ambitious debut full-length album, Hotel Pool. Set to be released on October 16th, the album promises to expand on and surpass the band’s already substantial list of merits.

The Press Says:

“The RSP manages to house both the wisdom of age and the carefree spirit of youth.”
– Best New Bands

“It may be the family band-type energy of the fivesome’s live shows, the storytelling nature of Erickson’s lyrics, but there’s something that sets this outfit apart.”
– The Deli Magazine

“Overflowing with folk-rock charm.”
– Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands

“A kinetic quintet who built mounting three-piece harmonies and compositions.”
– Santa Barbara Independent

“Epic in the vein of Arcade Fire, Local Natives and The Killers.”

“Your new favorite band.”